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Why Not Use An Expert Licensed Contractor To Handle Your Home Repair In Raleigh And The Surrounding Suburbs. There is No Need For Money Upfront. Payment is Due Only When You Are 100% Satisfied With Our Work.

We Do It Once and We Do It Right… Your Raleigh Home Repair Or Raleigh Home Improvement Job Will Look Great.

When you hire me to handle your home repair Raleigh Area or you home improvement Raleigh Area, these are the words we live by (Do It Once, Do It Right).  I take a lot of pride in our ability to accurately determine a repair, remodeling or construction need and to then offer the most cost-effective and reliable solution.

Coastal Construction and Home Remodeling can provide solutions for everything from basic repairs like dry wall patches to complete remodeling projects such as room additions and exterior decks. Whatever the job is, we’ll do it right the first time around.

My Home Repair Raleigh NC Customers Should Expect the Best, and Get It

I feel that when you hire professionals, you should expect your job to be done the right way the first time around. This means you need to be able to count on your contractor to:

  • Provide an honest and expert evaluation of your home repair or home improvement needs
  • Offer realistic and reliable home repair or home improvement cost estimates
  • Do the job right, the first time
  • Ensure a solid 100% satisfaction guarantee or you don’t pay a dime

If you’ve ever hired people to do home repair, home remodeling or home improvement, you probably already know that it is pretty hard to find someone who does one of these things, much less all four. With Coastal Construction and Home Remodeling, you’ll get every single one of these things, and more. As a licensed contractor serving the Raleigh, North Carolina area, Coastal Construction and Home Remodeling has a proven record of providing the highest-quality work at reasonable prices.

The First Step To Getting Your Home Improvement or Home Repair Project Going

From the very beginning of the project, we will use our professional expertise to let you know exactly what will be needed to complete your project the right way so that problems don’t crop up later on. If the problem is something like wood rot, we’ll identify the source and remove every bit of affected material so that the repair actually fixes the problem instead of just covering it up. If you would like a deck designed and built, we’ll go over everything from material choices to maintenance requirements and happily answer any questions you might have. Accurate planning is the critical first step in a successful home repair, home remodeling or home improvement project.

Accurate Estimates For Your Home Improvement or Home Repair Project

Armed with information from our project evaluation, we’ll prepare a home repair or home improvement estimate that is accurate, thorough and itemized. You’ll know exactly how your project budget will be spent. Our estimates include materials and, equally important, the amount of time it will take to do your project. We know your time is as valuable as ours and we respect that. If we say it will take 12 hours, we will do it in 12 hours.

Done Right the First Time Home Repair or Home Improvement Raleigh Area

When we do the work, we do it carefully with an eye to detail that is unsurpassed in our business. This means every nail is driven true and every angle is exactly what it’s supposed to be. Boards are straight and support posts actually support. Our work is our best advertisement so we want to leave something behind we can be as proud of as you are. In fact, you must be 100% satisfied or you pay nothing.

Happy Customers Say it all: (note look to the right and see what my customer have to say.)  >>>>>

An Invitation For All That Needs Home Repair, Home Improvement, or Home Remodeling in Raleigh Area.

We know that Coastal Construction and Home Remodeling offer the best all-around service in the Raleigh, NC area but we want you to know it, too. So, we’re offering new customers a special discount on any home repair, home remodeling or home improvement project.

This is a limited time offer (Note: very busy working on Home Repair, Home Improvement, or Home Remodeling in Raleigh NC projects and can only handle limited number of customer at a time) so be sure to take advantage of a company committed to the idea “Do it Once. Do it Right” and get it done at a great savings.

Home Repair Raleigh - Home Improvement Raleigh - Home Remodeling RaleighYour Raleigh NC home is a major part of your overall net worth. It makes good sense to keep it updated and in good home repair in the Raleigh area.. There are a number of areas that might need attention or improvement. Whether you are ready to put your home up for sale, or if you are planning on staying at your home and enjoying it to its utmost, it will pay to spend a few dollars to make it more presentable. Take a good look at your home and ask yourself these important questions about home repairs and improvements. Once you evaluate what needs to repaired or improved at your home, give us a call. It may be the best phone call you have ever made. Home repair Raleigh NC Read More about home repair in Raleigh NC Click Here…

Does My Home Need Rotten Wood Work Replaced?

If rot is evident on your home, nothing will deter a buyer quicker then seeing rotted wood on the exterior of aRotten wood replacement home. You may even discover that rot has set in under the kitchen sink or dishwasher from a tiny lek left undetected. It could indicate to a prospective buyer that your home may suffers from lack of care, and even worse, it could indicate a potential problem with termites or mold. So it really doesnt matter if you plan to sell your home or stay. Go over any area that looks rotted, then repair or replace the bad spots. If left unattended, the rot can continue to expand and end up detracting from your home’s appearance and value. Call us today and we will help get things under control. Read More…

Does My Home Need a Wood Deck Repair Or Replacement?

Wood Deck Raleigh NCIt could well be that a total deck redesign would be the best way to go. If your deck is rickety and sways with the wind, it might be timeto make your deck safe and inviting. As a home repair and remodeling contractor, we can bring new life to your old deck with basic repairs. We can also tell you about the new composite deck materials that will give you years of no maintenance service. A new or refurbished deck will improve your home’s appearance and expand your outdoor living space.

Does My Home Need New Exterior and Interior Paint?

You will be amazed how much a fresh coat of paint can do to revitalize your home. Our professional houseExterior Painting Raleigh NC painters can advise you about current color and trim trends that will bring both the interior and exterior of your home up to date. We have the equipment, the skill and manpower to get the job done without disrupting your home for any extended length of time. You don’t have to deal with ladders, brush clean-ups and messes. We can be in and out of your home in just a few days.

Do I Need Dry Wall Repair or New Installation of Drywall?

drywall repair Raleilgh NCLeave it to the pros if you do. Handling large sheets of drywall can be tricky and downright difficult, especially if you are installing it on ceilings. Even small patches can show-up and detract from the overall appearance of the walls and ceilings. A poor repair detracts from your home’s appearance. Get the job done right. Hire a professional. That’s what we do, and we do it very well.

Do I Need To Have Hardwood Flooring Installed Or My Existing Hardwood Refinished?

A new floor will give your home a totally new look. Today’s new flooring products are easily maintained andhardwood floor refinishing Raleigh NC long lasting. If allergies are a concern, a solid surface wood floor is a great way to eliminate carpets that are breeding grounds for dust, germs and allergens. Depending on your budget, you can chose from realistic laminated flooring or hardwoods in a huge assortment of colors and wood patterns. If you currently have hardwood, we can restore or refinish it and make it look like new.

Does My Home Need Ceramic Tile Installation or Ceramic Tile Repair?

Ceramic Tile Installation Raleligh NC and Ceramic Tile RepairOne of the best ways to improve your homes looks and add to its value is by redoing your bathroom. Ceramic Tile has many bold and very dramatic new looks that have become quite popular in modern homes. Your tile contractor can redesign your bath and install updated tile on your bath surrounds and floors. If you like your current tile, but it needs to be repaired, Our top notch home repair Raleigh company will easily do that for you.

Does My Home Need To Have Some Home Repair Work Done?

The answer is probably yes. It seems that every home has a bucket list of items that need to be done. Some refer to that as a honey do list. Whatever you call it, we can take care of those nagging little problems that need attention. The list can include things like eliminating air leaks around windows, replacing a garage, repairing sticking doors and a host of small carpentry repairs, miscellaneous chores and fix-it projects. Give us your list of projects that need attention or completion. Let our home tepair company in Raleigh be your go-to repair and home improvement company. Read More…

Do I Need A Fence in My Backyard?

We can design and install a terrific custom built wood fence that will provide security and privacy. If you prefer a wood fence Raleigh NCzero maintenance fence, Our company has experience with attractive and long lasting vinyl fence material, as well. We can also build a fence to contain your pets, your children and to surround your pool.

As a homeowner in Raleigh, any money you spend in your home to improve its function or appearance is money well spent. Why take a chance on hiring someone less qualified? We stand behind our work and will provide you with a finished product you will be proud of.

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